Thursday, June 21, 2012

Testosterone Supplements Review

Read up on some testosterone supplements review before you go ahead and spend your money. Testosterone booster supplements will help you achieve your workout goals but you need to choose the right one.

There are still a few testosterone supplements that are legal in the US and some of them are effective. Most people are scared of irreversible side effects of testosterone supplements but most of the products available in the market today are quiet safe. If you stick to the dosage and follow a proper plan, you will definitely benefit from using testosterone supplements. Testosterone is known as the human growth hormone and is linked to muscle growth, hence making it popular in the bodybuilding fraternity. Browse through some testosterone supplements review before you decide which product suits your needs. There are some testosterone supplements side effects like acne and balding which you need to be aware of.

Testosterone supplements will enhance your energy levels and help build muscles faster than protein supplements. Men who are over the age of 35 seem to benefit the most from testosterone boosters as the body's natural ability to produce testosterone starts declining at this age. Testosterone therapy is also used by doctors to treat conditions like erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, etc.

Testosterone Use and Benefits

Testosterone is a hormone produced in the male testes and in low quantities in female ovaries. It belongs to the androgen group and is a steroid hormone. Testosterone is responsible for muscle growth and the development of secondary male sexual characteristics like facial hair and deep voice. The natural production of testosterone peaks at puberty and slowly starts to taper from the age of 35. This is the main reason why much of the growth in males happens at puberty.

Testosterone injections for men are used to treat medical conditions like erectile dysfunction and loss of libido. In rare cases, testosterone supplements are also given to teenage boys if their bodies aren't producing enough testosterone naturally. Natural testosterone supplements are also available in the market that claim to work quiet efficiently.

Bodybuilders have been using testosterone supplements to improve their size and energy levels. Taking testosterone is also known to increase the levels of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) which is a naturally occurring steroid hormone. Being anabolic in nature, testosterone also increases bone density and muscle mass. It is also responsible for sperm production and guys who are on testosterone supplements claim that it increases their sex drive.

Best Testosterone Supplements Review

There are many bodybuilding supplements in the market but browse through the testosterone booster reviews before picking one up. It is okay to take supplements to increase testosterone production as long as you are not exceeding the prescribed dosage. Some testosterone supplements review to help you decide are given below:

USPLabs Prime

The glycosides used in the formulation are supposed to be the main reason behind the effectiveness of this product. These glycosides are extracted from Tribulus Aquaticus and are unique to USPLabs products. It is supposed to have anti-glucocorticoid activity and supports increased lean muscle mass. It also has extracts from a fruit known as terminalia chebula which seems to have a stabilizing effect on the body.

LG Sciences T-911

One of the major claims of this product is that it blocks estrogen and keeps the body's natural testosterone levels high. T-911 also claims to stabilize your mood and give you the added confidence that you might need outside the gym. This product has ingredients like Yohimbine which give you a huge boost of energy. It also has neuro-stimulants that add to your alertness and intensity.


This product stimulates your pituitary gland to produce luteinizing hormone which is responsible for increase testosterone production. It also has anti aromatase ingredients which prevent testosterone from being converted to estrogen. It also has nutrients that support muscle growth and boost energy levels.

Labrada HumanoGrowth

It is a patented product which claims to boost testosterone and human growth hormone to help you build lean muscle mass. It reduces cortisol levels thereby helping muscle growth and fat loss. The manufacturers claim that it is side effects free. Another aspect of this product is that it reduces oxidative stress and helps speed up the recovery. Using this product will also help increase protein and nitrogen levels, it also helps the body deal with inflammation and boosts immunity levels.

Every coin has two sides; and like benefits, testosterone supplements also have some side effects which you will not find in testosterone supplements review. But overall if you stick to the right dosage and take proper guidance before taking these products you will be alright.


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